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A recommendation from the late dr1ft_pig’s old’s;

If you are struggling with life & all it brings, there is a group of young people who have been where you are now.  They are now happy to share their survival skills with you. They make up an amazing (not for profit) volunteer support group called “Talk Out Loud”.

Talk Out Loud’s mission is to provide suicide prevention initiatives, activities and programs to young people and their families. Their main focus is to empower every young person to find their voice, to develop resilience, make positive life choices and to connect with other like-minded young people in a safe and inclusive environment.

Talk Out Loud

Empowering young people to find their voice

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We would like to personally invite you to the Annual Youth Suicide Awareness Meet & Cruise (previously known as the Ben Simpson Memorial Cruise) This amazing event attracts some 2000+ cars By liking the dr1ft_pig13 Always Remembered FB page, you will receive notification of its date, location & time.
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