RIP dr1ft_pig13 (Ben) - Always Remembered

On the 1st February 2005
Ben aka (dr1ft_pig13)
decided to leave this world forever
He was a healthy, happy, fit 19yr old.  

In any Australian state, you may see his memorial stickers on
the back of imported/drift cars, they say (
RIP dr1ft_pig13
always remembered).

More than 4000 of these free RIP stickers
have been distributed

Ben had a passion for imported cars (esp Nissan) and

To help us reach out and help other youth & adults who are
feeling/ have felt the same despair/pain, as Ben
we have built a R32 Nissan Skyline project car it can be seen on
the streets of Adelaide, South Australia and at the local drift
This was the love of
Ben's life
Nissan Silvia S13
modified, kitted
"of course"
Ben's S13
and one of his
best mate's Sam's
Ben was a member of this forum up until his death.  Since then the members of this
form, have been an extraordinary strength to us.  
We are now affectionately known as the
"dr1ft_pig13 OLDS"
Benjamin Marcus Ross Simpson
(Ben, Benny, Simo, Bruce)
Born:  6th April 1985
Died:  1st February 2005
Ben - "dr1ft_pig13"

RIP "dr1ft_pig13 FACEBOOK PAGE
The Annual Ben Simpson Memorial Cruise
This has developed into a memorial cruise for anyone who has lost someone and wishes to cruise in their honour.  It
is held in Adelaide each year close to the date Ben left us 1st Feb.  In 2011, it was a 3 hour evening cruise and
attracted some 700 cars and a police escort of some 36 police motorcycles.  In 2016 some 3000 cars attended.
After running for 10yrs, in 2015 it was re-badged as the
Anyone is welcome to attend and cruise with us, details are on his FB page
"RIP dr1ft_pig13 Facebook page"