A Memorial Tribute from Elicia (Ben's sister)

My dearest and beloved brother,
You were a beloved brother, a treasured friend and a Wonderful son.

You were always the pillar of strength in my life,
And the red rose of my heart

And enjoying life for what it was.

How we used to share your sorrows and tears together,
While basking in our achievements and joys - side by side.

You lit my life like an eternal flame,
Always knowing how to cheer me up when I was blue.

Always making me feel so special, like a princess on
My birthday, an Angel at Christmas.

You will always have a place in my heart,
As well as that of our parents, our family and
Our friends.

You most certainly will be, and already are - missed
But I know you' re going to be OK Ben, my dearest
And Beloved brother,
because you're with the Angels now

We know nobody could ever fill your place.
Farewell young man, we love you, be strong.
May you find your peace.

All my love, your big  Sis ~ Elicia.
Julie & Mark wish to personally thank
Elicia, and to all Ben's/our NS.com"drift" friends
for their wonderful support, especially
Tim, Sam, Softy, Nikki, Shaz, Hannah, Luke, Lindo, Bec, Mike C., Michael &
Cristina, Lynette & Richard all the  guys in Tassie